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Photo Club at Mile Hi

Prepared September 2016

Beginning January 2017 ALL submissions for group viewing and panel commentary must be submitted by email attachment and properly titled.  Thumb drives will no longer be accepted.  This will provide the Critique Team the needed time to organize the images and have them ready to go after our guest speaker completes their presentation.  In addition, each year two of our monthly meetings will be dedicated as All-Critique meetings.  This allows us to dedicate entire meetings for exploring images more deeply through critique panel insights and audience dialogue.

Image Submission Deadline and Email Address
You may submit up to four properly titled jpeg images as email attachments by Midnight the Sunday prior to our monthly Tuesday night meeting. Please use the following email address: mhpccritiquephotos@gmail.com

File Size and Type
We recommend that your jpg image attachments are no larger than 3 megapixels.  For optimal image clarity for projection we recommend 1048 pixels on the long edge. We use Lightroom's slideshow feature, which automatically adjusts images for optimal viewing on our TV monitors.

Image Selection and Priority
Select one or two images you would like to share with the group and receive feedback and suggestions.  We will strive to make sure all submitted  images are reviewed.  This is based on the number or images submitted and depth of discussion. The images you choose to share could be your "favorite"  or “best shots” of which you are particularly proud, or ones that somehow did not quite live up to your expectations.  The latter images become learning experiences from which we can all grow together.

Image Titling
Label your jpeg email attachments as follows, inserting your initials for the xyz in the example below and using the first three letters of the current monthly meeting (ie. jan, feb, mar).  Be sure to use lower case letters and insert the underscore sign to separate the image number_month_your initials.jpg.

First Priority:        1_oct_xyz.jpg
Second Priority:    2_oct_xyz.jpg

Note: Titling is important to ensure proper slideshow indexing so everyone gets an equal chance to receive panel and group feedback. It is always our intention to review all images time permitting. This of course depends on the overall number of images submitted. In fairness to all, images without the proper titling above will not be shown.

Titling Support
If you need help learning how to title and attach your images with your computer and software, please check out the links below or contact our Critique Team Leads Jay Neimoth milehicritique@gmail.com or Dave Lyons at mhpccritiquephotos@gmail.com.